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Case Study: Performance Indoor Training Center

(PITC) The Performance Indoor Training Center had a recent renovation – an outdoor soccer field. With this addition, it was necessary to have bright, efficient lighting at a cost-effective price so that the children could play on their new field at night safely. Brian Duncan found the best solution for this new opportunity at LED City. LED City installed several high intensity LEXIN fixtures. The field practically glows at night, and the players and spectators all agree that the field is one of the brightest they have ever played on.

By using LED lighting, PITC was able to save capital on the initial investment, quickly deploy it since it was in stock, and do it all with some of the most energy-efficient LEDs available. Another advantage of using LED lighting as opposed to standard sodium vapor is that the lifespan is 5 times longer.

Featured Products LEXIN 300 Watt & Dome

The LEXIN features a rugged and unobtrusive aluminum fixture housing and brackets with 44 solid state LEDs for applications where high intensity and long lasting light are required. The fixture is outdoor rated at IP67. Several mounting options are available for easy installation.