Light Warranty:

In the event that any product is found to have a manufacturer’s defect within the warranty period, manufacturer will, at their discretion, repair or replace the defective product/part, or refund the amount paid for the product. Warranty period is based upon product and becomes effective from the date of shipment or invoice. Warranty does not cover aesthetic degradation of product.

This warranty is void if:

  • The product was operated/stored in abnormal use or maintenance conditions.
  • he product is repaired, modified or altered in any way.
  • The product is damaged by abuse, accident, or acts of nature.
  • The product was installed improperly or incorrect voltage was applied.
  • The product casing has been opened.

The LED industry is a vast and quickly growing industry and the products are continually evolving. Aesthetic appearance of goods may change from order to order. LED City cannot guaranty the product will look exactly the same on different orders. If a defective product is repaired or replaced, company cannot guaranty that the brightness or color temperature will match exactly the same as the other products ordered. Since the LED is newer and comes from a different manufacturing batch, color temperature and brightness may not be exactly the same. LED’s brightness may not be maintained at the same level depending upon levels of usage, temperature operated in, and conditions of the fixture. Product repair or replacement or refund of price paid is LED City LLC’s sole warranty obligation, and incidental and consequential damages are excluded. No one is authorized to make any other warranties on behalf of LED City, or modify this warranty, except in a separate written paper document under signature of a corporate officer of LED City then-listed with the Texas Secretary of State. Company will not be liable for repairing damages or failures caused by acts of God, abuse, mishandling, alteration, accident, electrical current fluctuations, failure to follow operating, maintenance or environmental instructions prescribed by Company, abnormal usage, or any other use or application for which the Products are not intended. LED City will not be liable for incidental or consequential damages connected with or in lieu of using it’s goods or services in respects to loss of property, damages, revenues, life or limb, personal injury, claimant’s remedies will be limited only to repair or replacement of the goods equal to the cost of the non-conforming goods.

Sign Warranty:

One Year Parts Replacement Warranty: Parts including: Power supplies, fans, modules, and video processing modules / devices that fail causing more than .5% failure to the total number of pixels on the signage during the course of the period covered under this warranty will warrant replacement under this warranty. Failures occurring to the message center less than or equal to .5% of the total number of pixels will not warrant a replacement under this warranty. The customer will incur the cost of labor / equipment rental for safe access to the product, and the vendor will incur the cost of the parts under this warranty. All labor costs needed to replace / repair / diagnose signage failure to be covered by customer, to include travel expenses outside of 50-mile radius. Most parts are produced only upon order to closely meet specifications of existing product.

30 Days Warranty: L.E.D. City LLC warrants that it’s product will perform substantially and if there are any manufacturers defects in the product within the 30 day time period, L.E.D. City LLC will replace the malfunctioning components at no cost.

The above warranties are valid ONLY if the products:

  • have not been altered by the addition or deletion of parts, or modified in any other manner.
  • have not been subject to misuse, vandalism, negligence or damage by accident.
  • have not been subject to environments not suitable for its’ use according to it’s own product user manual or specification sheet.
  • repairs are done only by an authorized LED City technician.
  • if proper voltage was applied according to the specification sheets and installation guide.
  • electrical wiring was put in according to NFPA 70® NECB (National Electrician’s Code Book).
  • have been operated and / or stored in the proper environmental conditions temperature it was rated according to the technical data sheet. Temperature inside of product must not exceed the maximum operation temperature mandated by the manufacture.
  • any welding done to only fix signage is done to hardware ONLY and not with LED EMC (signage) mounted to hardware while welding was conducted.

The warranties do not cover:

  • vandalism.
  • damage caused by incorrect assembly, installation or application (use).
  • natural or manmade disasters.
  • cosmetic changes in the product due to weathering or caused by exposure to natural elements or chemicals.
  • scratches, dents, or marring caused by normal use and public exposure.
  • loss or damage in transit.
  • variations or spikes in voltage.
  • electrical surges or lighting strikes.
  • acts of God.
  • terrorism or war.
  • In no event will LED City LLC be liable for any lost profits or any special, indirect, or consequential damages.


LED Citydoes not installEMCs (signage), lighting, electrical work, or guarantees the workmanship of any referred or non-referred installers. Company recommends that only bonded, licensed, and insured installers, contractors, sub-contractors, architects, consultants and electricians are used for installation or work surrounding the installation of it’s EMCs.


LED City does not transport product from it’s warehouse to any job site. All prices quoted, estimated, or bid are FOB LED City’s location at 2415 Southwell Road Dallas Texas 75229. Damages that occur during shipping, unloading or loading of material onto transport will not be covered under warranty. Upon removal of product, product becomes the Customer’s or logistics company’s liability if damages were to occur.

Technical Support

In situations where product has a malfunction that can be resolved remotely, LED City can be granted access to Customer’s workstation, which controls the content on the EMC for reprogramming.

Permitting / City Codes and Compliance

Customer should understand that in some situations, full capabilities of the products may not be able to be utilized given the codes / regulations in the area that the product is being installed. LED City will provide solutions based upon Customer’s requirement. Customer understands that Permitting process should be undergone before commitment to purchase is made. After commitment for a special order, customer cannot receive refunds.

Power Requirements

LED City can provide signage solutions in 110v AC only. Lighting solutions require proper voltage and correct electronic or control infrastructure before installation. LED City is not liable for refunds for any purchases or special orders placed without this information being disclosed.